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Golden milk // Turmeric latte

Golden milk, haldi ka doodh or turmeric latte like it is often called, is a drink that actually dates back thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine applied in India and in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was used for treating injuries, skin diseases, eye infections, burns, acne as well as for stress, depression and to aid sleep (1, 2). Traditionally turmeric milk was prepared with the turmeric root, crushed long pepper called Pipli/Pippali and whole fat milk. The turmeric root…

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Date & salted peanut bliss bites

These date and salted peanut bites are so delicious that I guarantee you that you will finish them way too quickly! Quick fact though: Dates, peanuts and chocolate are are all very calorie-dense, meaning only a small bite contains a lot of calories and so you only need small amounts of them at a time. So it is maybe wise to store them in the fridge and only grab a bite or two at a time, e.g. in the morning…

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