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Date & salted peanut bliss bites

These date and salted peanut bites are so delicious that I guarantee you that you will finish them way too quickly! Quick fact though: Dates, peanuts and chocolate are are all very calorie-dense, meaning only a small bite contains a lot of calories and so you only need small amounts of them at a time. So it is maybe wise to store them in the fridge and only grab a bite or two at a time, e.g. in the morning…

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Homemade chocolate hazelnut spread & almond butter

Chocolate hazelnut spread   Save Print Serves: About 450 mL Ingredients 2 cups (5 dL/300g) raw hazelnuts ½ cup (1,2 dL/45g) cocoa powder 3 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil 1 cup (2,4 dL) milk of your choice (I use either rice or almond milk) ½ cup (1,2 dL/120 g) granulated sweetener of your choice (I sometimes mix coconut sugar and raw cane sugar) ¼ tsp fine grain salt 1 tsp vanilla extract Instructions Preheat oven to 175°C. Spread hazelnuts on…

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