Sourdough bread
The levain mixture
  • 40g sourdough starter
  • 40g whole wheat
  • 40g bread (all purpose) flour
  • 80g water (@ room temperature)
The bread dough
  • 750 g bread (all purpose) flour
  • 150 g whole wheat flour (or rye flour)
  • 700 g water (~30°C)
  • 15-20 g sea salt
  • ~184 g levain (from above)
Prep the levain the night before you want to make your bread or in the morning the same day
  1. Mix together everything for the levain mixture in a clean jar (or glass) and store at room temperature for 5-6 hours
For the bread dough
  1. Add the bread flour, the whole wheat flour, water, salt and the levain in a bowl. Bring all the ingredients together to a dough, adding a splash more water if too stiff, then tip out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for at least 10 mins until smooth, elastic and springy (or put it in the mixer with using the dough hook)
  2. Place the dough in a clean, lightly oiled bowl, cover with plastic bag and leave until doubled in size – about 1 hr at room temperature
  3. After 1 hour, put the dough onto a floured surface and gently shape into a round – just be careful and do not knock too much air out of the dough. Dust a piece of baking parchment heavily with flour and sit the dough on top. Cover with a tea towel and leave to prove for 1 hr until doubled in size
  4. Heat the oven to 240°C. Carve a line or two in the bread with a knife. Place the bread in your Dutch oven, with a parchment paper underneath, and cover the pot with the lid or place on a sturdy flat baking tray with parchment paper on the middle shelf (and pour some cold water onto the tray below - – this creates a burst of steam, which helps the bread form a nice crust)
  5. Bake for 20 minutes and after these 20 minutes, use your oven mitt to very carefully remove the top of your Dutch oven. Close the door and turn the oven down to 230ºC, bake for 30 more minutes until the loaf looks well cooked
  6. When done, carefully use your oven mitt to take my Dutch oven out and remove the bread (I will grab a corner of the parchment paper and drag the cooked bread out) and cool on a wire rack. Let cool completely. Place the Dutch oven back in the oven and bring the temperature back up to 240ºC — repeat for the second loaf
Calories: 810 | Fat: 2.5 g | Fiber: 13 g | Protein: 32 g
| Allergens - gluten |
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